Carlyn’s journalism

Carlyn Zwarenstein is the founder of Bleeding Heart Communications. When she’s not helping non-profits use clear, dynamic communications to advance their goals, she follows her insatiable curiosity, learning and writing about about everything from science to social justice. Her latest obsession is citizen science, and you can follow her adventures as she learns more about it at this blog, Pay attention: citizen science in the age of extinction. She has contributed numerous op-ed pieces–in Canada, to the Globe & Mail and the Toronto Star, and internationally, in La Vanguardia and the Guardian; has written dozens of feature stories both in print and online; and wrote a column on global issues, Under the Radar, for Canadian Dimension magazine. She currently reviews books for young people for Quill & Quire magazine, writes magazine and newspaper articles, and is working on (ahem) more than one book. She has a new writer website, here, and will eventually be uploading past articles to the site.


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