Our services

  • Plain language audits of existing materials including rewrites, editing or coaching–convert those fancy ideas into plain (but never boring!) language
  • Plain language products: booklets, training manuals, information brochures, versions of legislation or technical documents or reports–all in plain language
     *Click to learn more about our work on science, health and legal communication or international development
  • Social marketing products: annual reports, newsletters, e-newsletters, press releases, postcards and brochures
  • Concise, dynamic web content
  • Fundraising materials: clear, focused fundraising and grant proposals and engaging direct-mail appeals that make it clear what your organization does and why it’s important
  • Communication plans and social marketing strategies grounded in principles of accessibility and clarity
  • Ghostwriting: op-eds, speeches, speaking notes, articles and book chapters
  • Communications coaching
  • Research, literature reviews and analysis
  • Workshops on plain language, clear communication and communication skills necessary for social change.
  • NEW! Videos: interviews and mini-documentaries to showcase your issues, tell the stories of your clients and promote your work.

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