Science, health and legal communication

So it’s tough stuff. You’ve got a heavy paper about the legal implications of toxic sludge that you need the members of your environmental organization to actually care about. Or you need to help newcomers to Canada grasp the economic implications of proposed legislation. Or you really want the average Joe readers of the Daily Express & Mail to take up arms against a plan to militarize robots with hyper-ultra-nano-particles. What you need is a sharp writer who specializes in plain language and knowledge translation, understands legal terminology and legal plain language, and gets the science. You’ll find her at Bleeding Heart Communications.

  • plain language versions of technical documents
  • knowledge translation of research papers, funding proposals and patient or professional information material into plain English
  • reader-friendly briefing papers, manuals, booklets and reports
  • plain language versions of legislation that make it clear and easy to grasp for young people, laypeople or people for whom English is a second or third language
  • marketing material that makes complex scientific, medical or environmental issues crystal-clear… and fascinating
  • sparkling web copy that bring science, medicine, policy and law to the people

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